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Dec 11, 2021

Why tf do we still have pennies?


Cody came on the show to help us parse out the ins and outs of currency and somewhere in there we spend some time questioning the meaning behind what we value.


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Sep 2, 2021

OK, this episode is kind of a big deal for us. One of our founding goals for A2Z was to have a rep from Big Thicket or the Village Creek come on the show and we finally made it happen. 


And we couldn’t have asked for a more exemplary spokesperson to drop some Big Thicket knowledge than Megan Urban, Chief of...

Aug 19, 2021

Beaumont’s counterculture undercurrent has been built by people like Ines. She’s a real one. Passionate about being passionate and honest to a fault, Ines sat with us to talk about her journey from Carraba’s to becoming a highly-respected full-time artist.



Jul 9, 2021

Jason Ebarb is one of the founders of TPC Jujitsu. They hit the mats in 1993, one month before UFC1, making it one of oldest BJJ schools in the country. 

He’s also Executive Producer for Pech River Valley Boys: Tales From Afghanistan, available on Vimeo.




Mar 20, 2021

They don’t want to end the oil industry, they don’t want to take any jobs, they just want to know what the hell is in our air and water.






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